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Helping people enjoy financial peace of mind.
Established 1977
Providing programs custom-crafted to our client’s individual needs.

For Financial Advisors

APS is a boutique actuarial consulting firm catering to Financial Advisors and their clients in the areas of customized retirement plan design, third party retirement plan administration, and IRS/DOL compliance.

Our primary purpose is to tailor qualified plans to the retirement goals and objectives set by Financial Advisors on behalf of their clients. As such, we provide the advisor community with the design and administration of programs custom-crafted to each of their individual client's needs – focusing on one advisor and one client at a time.

We offer the following services to Financial Advisors and their clients:

  • Qualified Plan Design Proposals
  • Annual Administration, including Non-discrimination testing, 5500 submissions, etc.
  • Actuarial Valuation and certification for Defined Benefit Plans
  • 401k Group Enrollment Services and Payroll integration.
  • Custom Private Label Retirement Plan Newsletters and library content (Ask us about our Onebluewindow Program)

Founded in 1977, APS is a knowledgeable team of specialized Pension and Investment professionals dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive services to Financial Advisors, Insurance Advisors and Registered Investment Advisors.

APS is focused on helping the Financial Services community grow and develop Qualified Retirement Plans for themselves and their clients. 

For Financial Advisors
Established 1977

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